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Protection Services

KHB Security Services can provide bespoke protective services, all at competitive rates, at home and abroad, 24 hours a day.

The types of protective services we can provide at present are:

  • Close Protection
  • Asset Protection
  • Threat Assessment

These services are all executed with integrity, discretion, conscientiousness and professionalism.

All our operatives are all extensively trained and licensed in accordance with the regulations set down by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Please visit for further details.

Close Protection

KHB Security - Protection

Individuals and corporations, small or large alike may at some point require the services of a highly professional and conscientious close protection team. This could be for reasons such as threats of violence, industrial espionage, kidnap or just for publicity. Whatever your reasons or requirements KHB Security Services will be willing and happy to serve you.

From a high profile complex case to the smallest function. With our highly experienced teams, frontline and behind the scenes, we can provide you with a competitive quote and take your protection needs into our care with the minimal amount of disruption and stress to your daily working or private life.

From long to short term contracts, we can provide:

  • Personal Protection
  • Advanced Teams
  • Residential security teams for your home, office and hotel visits

Our operatives will satisfy your requirements with full professionalism and with total discretion, anywhere in the world. For your free, prompt confidential quote contact us today.


Whatever you're transportation requirements, whether it is:KHB Security - helicopter

  • A standard hatchback
  • A luxury saloon
  • An armoured 4 X 4 vehicle
  • A private jet
  • An exquisite Sunseeker yacht


Asset Protection

The theft of assets is a growing concern, and threat, in this day and age, which is generally targeted by sophisticated organised crime groups. This could be a confidential document or even an expensive item.


If you require an asset to be protected or even transported, we can provide you with that service, in the UK or internationally with the smoothest of logistics. Let us take care of it, just view our contact page.

Threat Assessment

If you require an assessment of a public event, private or corporate reasons we should be your first port of call. A threat assessment will highlight the security and safety status of:

  • Personnel
  • Property
  • Valuables
  • The public
  • Or even you own family


We will produce an in-depth status report, cost effective strategies and procedures, in which you could implement, to minimise any highlighted possible, realistic threat.

All it takes is a phone call. or just even e-mail us. Our details are on our contact page.